Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 14 Recap (Spoilers)

Hey there! How’s it going. This week in Storybrooke… Mary-Margret has a nightmare where she’s alone in her home and Maleficent, Ursula, and Cruella, threaten to get even for what she has done to them. She wakes up and finds David, and they agree to get them out-of-town before anyone can find out what they did on the Enchanted Forest.  They ask Regina for help, but she denies them. So, The Charming’s take matters into their own hands, and with the help of Emma, go after them.

This can't be good...

Hiding things from Emma…This can’t be good…

Back in the enchanted Forrest: The evil trio approach Charming and Snow with a plan to stop the evil queen, who has just stolen the dark curse from Maleficent. They propose that they go find the tree of wisdom to find the answer they with the Charming’s help, because they tree will only answer those with a valiant heart. Even though they are untrusting of the Queens of Darkness they realize there’s no other way, so  they agree…

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and David find out that the ladies have visited Mr. Gold’s shop and had taken a wooden box. As they follow them, David pulls them over and searches the car … But doesn’t find the box. But, we see that David found a trinket in the car and is hiding it from Emma. Meanwhile, Regina and Henry are trying to figure out any secrets of the book. They remember that August (Pinocchio) has taken apart the book and added a story before and he might be able to help them understand any secrets of the book. But… Pinocchio is back in child from and has no memories as his days as August. Regina and Henry find Pinocchio and to try to get him to remember any secrets of “The Book” . Pinocchio has no luck and Regina is getting frustrated lashing out at the boy reverting back to her former self. Gepetto intervenes and tells Regina to stay away from his son.

Who do you think the author is?

Who do you think the author is?

David shows  Mary-Margret the trinket that he found in the car. It once belonged to Maleficent and they figure out what the evil ladies are planning and a way to stop them, and to get them out-of-town before anyone finds out their secret. From then on, David and Mary-Margret lie to Emma, and go off on their quest alone…

Back in the enchanted Forest, Snow and charming sneak away from the evil ladies and find the tree of wisdom on their own. They ask the tree for help and the tree “rejects” them. The Evil trio catch up and Maleficent realizes that the tree did not answer them because Snow is pregnant. Since the unborn child was the product of true love it not only has the power to be a valiant hero, but also a wicked villain. The ladies realize that the Charming’s are no help to them and leave.

Could the Charming's be in trouble?....

Could the Charming’s be in trouble?….

Back in Storybrooke Regina apologizes  to Gepetto and he gives her August’s pack, in hopes that there are answers to find her happy ending….Mary-Margrert and David are about to stop the evil plan.. Just then, Ursula and Cruella meet them there and stop them in their tracks. Cruella and Ursula reveal that the trinket was just a set up so they could carry out their plan…Then they reincarnate Maleficent. After she has risen, Maleficent reveals that she doesn’t want to tell their secrets to Emma…  but cause the Charming’s great pain..So they decide to tell Emma the truth….. But after overhearing how much she trust them, they continue to hide  the truth from her….

Back in the Enchanted forest, Maleficent approaches Snow White alone and  asks for her helping defeating Regina because she’s pregnant as well, and wants to protect her baby. But Snow refuses… Which leaves the entire kingdom, and Maleficent’s baby at risk.

No wonder Maleficent is so angry...

No wonder Maleficent is so angry…

Back in Storybrooke, Mary-Margret and David meet with Regina and ask her to go undercover with the Queens of Darkness so she can get close to the Dark queens to stop then from the inside.   Snow then reveals to Regina that it’s because of them that Maleficent’s baby died. Snow also confirms to Regina that Emma could be capable of great darkness… And that if she finds out the truth.. She could go down a dark path….

Do you think Emma will discover the truth?

Do you think Emma will discover the truth?

Did you catch this week’s episode? What were your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon! 🙂


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