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Friday 5Day: Annette Funicello

This week we lost a true Disney legend. Annette Funicello . She was such a classy lady and was nothing short of talented. Mrs. Funicello has captured the world over with her smile, beautiful voice, and her generous heart. So in tribute to her, Here, in no particular order,  are 5 of my favorite Annette Funcicello songs:

Strummin’ Song

I first heard this song in a Disney Hipsters volg and fell in love with it. This version of the song is my favorite. Her laugh at the end is so cute======

Better Be Ready

This song is so much fun to listen to 🙂

Lonely Guitar

Just her voice and a guitar. So beautiful

Just A Whisper Away

This movie is a staple of mine come the Hoilday season. This song is my favorite out of the movie. Thier voices sound amazing together

Pineapple princess

Last but certainly not least. Pinneaple Princess. Even though now it’s time to say goodbye. You will forever live on in our hearts

What’s your favorite Annette Funicello song? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon 🙂

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