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Friday 5Day: Disney Animatied Movies into Live Action Remakes

Hey there! How’s it going? With the announcement of the live action remake of Dumbo, and Cinderella (officially) being released today, I thought I’d count down 5 Animated Disney films I wouldn’t mind seeing a live action remake of. So without further ado here we go:

1. Treasure Planet


This is one of my favorite films, and I think with the special effects technology around nowadays, a live action version of this film would be awesome

2. Tangled


A live action version of Tangled would be so cute! Disney hasn’t had a live action musical in a while, and….the Lantern scene… in real life… Yes please..

3. Atlantis: The Lost Empire


This is another one of my favorites that I think special effects can enhance. I also think the movie could be tied into the Finding Nemo attractions in the parks nicely.

4. Aladdin


True, there’s technically live action versions of this currently on Broadway and in Disneyland, but for those of us that can’t make it to New York (raises hand) or the parks, to See Aladdin and Jasmine singing a whole new world on the big screen would be awesome!

5. Kim Possible


This isn’t a Disney Film, but it’s still one of my favorite animated Disney shows. I also think that Kim Possible opens itself up to having sequels, and being a huge franchise. I love Black Widow from The Avengers but,  it would be nice to see another girl out there fighting the bad guys 🙂

Which animated Disney Film would you like to see a live action version of? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you real soon 🙂


Wordy Wednesday: Timothy A. Mouse

Hey there! How;’s it going? Last weeks Wordy Wednesday was how It all started with a mouse ,  but with the announcement of the live-action remake of Dumbo, I got to thinking of another one of my favorite mice, with great advice… Timothy A. Mouse.

“Dumbo, I think your ears are beautiful. Sure, I think they’re decorative.”

A good friend will help you love yourself...

A good friend will help you love yourself…

“…Dumbo, you’re standing on  the threshold of success. Don’t look down, it’ll make you dizzy.”

Keep moving forward...

Keep moving forward…

“You outta be ashamed of yourselves! A bunch of big guys like you, picking on a little guy like him!”

Good friends always have your back...

Good friends always have your back…

“The very things that held you down, are going to carry you up and up and up!”

Embrace your “Glitch” as Vanelope would say 🙂

What’s your favorite quote from Timothy A. Mouse Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon! 🙂

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