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My Road to Run Disney: new found perspective

Hey there!  How’s it going? As some of you may know, I’ve been in the process of training for my first RunDisney race. My inaugural race was supposed to be the Tinker bell Half marathon that happened over this pass weekend.

One day I will have one of these :)

One day I will have one of these 🙂

Unfortunately, I was unable to participate and to be honest my training wasn’t going the way I originally planned. Between school, work, and rehearsals I wasn’t able to get out there and hit the ground running like I’d hope. At first I was being really hard on myself for not being able to get into the race. But then I remember wise words from my favorite Blue Fish Just Keep Swimming . I realized that my RunDisney journey is far from over and with registration for the Disney half coming up anything can happen. Who knows, with this new found perspective I can go to infinity and beyond  ! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon ( and at the finish line!)  🙂 

My Road to RunDisney: A Different Kind of Marathon

Hey There! How’s it going? Long time no see and I apologize for that. It’s not on purpose though, that wonderful time of the year has started for me again…Back to School. ( dun dun dun) But I’m loving every minute of it (minus the part where I don’t get to post very often)

I’m in school for musical theater so my days are full of singing and dancing my little heart out. Not only am I in school right now,  but I’m also in a production of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone by August Wilson and we open October 10th! It’s such a wonderful play and I’m having a blast with my company!

As you can imagine I haven’t had a lot of time to dedicate to my RunDisney training. But as I was realizing that I haven’t been able to go out there and pound the pavement, I’m still training for the marathon right now. I’m training my focus, by memorizing lines and being able to be “present” during those long rehearsals. Plus, dancing has been building my strength and endurance. I mean the conditioning  itself is enough to get my body in shape for running the race ( if I don’t have some sort of a six pack by the end of the semester I’m going to be kinda sad).

Now that I think about it, I’m actually in a marathon right now. I’m moving forward with my goal, I have wonderful people around me helping get there, and no matter what may happen or obstacles that may pop up we always have are eye on the finish line. So I am still in the race, it’s just a different kind of marathon

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon 🙂

P.S ( if your in the L.A Area and would like more information about the play I’m in you can click here )

Don’t Let Anything Break Your Stride

Hey there! How’s it going? I had a hard time writing this week’s Road to RunDisney post. To be honest, I had contemplated not even posting one at all. But, when you share your  journey with someone, you gotta share the good, along with the not so good right?

The beginning of this past week was such a weird for me. I felt like I was in an Eeyore sate of mind all the time and it was terrible. I don’t know why? Maybe it was the anxiety of me not wanting to let you guys down, not being where I want to be in my training schedule, or just my life out there in the “ Real World”.  During my workouts, things that I could normally do with no problem were hard for me.  I was getting really irritated with myself. Then on Thursday there was a situation between a young women when I was out with my mom. Long story short there was a situation that got me so mad I started to shaking uncontrollably. I had to excuse my self and go to the restroom.


Some days might feel like a rain cloud is overhead but the sun will always shine 🙂

Once I gathered myself I went back to my mom. By that time ,the situation had defused. When I was talking the day over with my mom I told her how I was feeling down. She stopped and looked me in the eye and said, “Don’t let anything break your stride.” I thought about it and she was right. Weather it’s a not so great work out or a not so great person; don’t let that distract you from your goal. Just take a minute, take a breath, and keep moving forward.


Like Dory says “Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming”

How do you shake off a bad day? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon 🙂

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