Dole Whip Floats at the Disneyland Hotel

One of my favorite treats at the Disneyland Resort is the Dole Whip float (I know… obviously) But did you know that you can get said float with a splash of rum?

Yep!  If you head over to The Coffee House, located at the Disneyland Hotel, you can pick up a Dole Whip float with a splash of either coconut rum or spiced rum.

My personal favorite is the spiced rum, I love how the flavors complement each other.  You get the spice of the rum and the sweet tangy goddesses of the float (ugh it’s so good). The coconut rum with the Dole whip is a little too tropical for me. But if you’re a fan of pinā colada’s you’ll probably love it.

During my last visit, I saw they added new options to the specialty menu. They now have cold brew coffee frappe with a splash of Baileys or Kailúa liqueur. I know when I hear frappe I think of a blended coffee drink, but it’s essentially an iced coffee.


Dole Whip’s with a splash of rum and a cold brew frappe with Bailey’s

The spiked drinks come out to about  $10.51 when text is added. Like all alcoholic drinks on the Disney property, annual pass holders discounts don’t apply.

My final thoughts for the float is if you want to add a 21+ flare to your Dole Whip float, I think it’s worth the money. True, the float on its own is less expensive plus if you have an annual pass your discount will apply.  But to me, the rum Dole Whip floats are a fun twist on a Disney classic.


Specialty drink menu at The Coffee House at the Disneyland Hotel

Grabbing one of these is a great way to take a break during your visit. You have to drink the spiked treats on the hotel property. But fear not there’s ample seating all around, there are tables adjacent to the coffee shop. Walk a bit further past the hotel’s pool, and you’ll find seating at the Tangaroa Terrace outdoor patio.  My personal favorite seat to enjoy my treat is by the fireplace across the street from Trader Sam’s.


Honestly one of my favorite places at the Resort

Just as a heads up, depending on who pours your drink, your beverage might contain a splash of rum or a punch of rum. Between the times I’ve ordered the boozy float the strength has changed, but all in all one of my favorite treats at the Parks.

Have you ever tried one of these treats? Whatcha think? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon 🙂


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