5Day: Disney Channel Shows That I Miss

Hey There! Happy 5day! (see what I did there ;))  I’ve been wanting to share a “Top 5” list with you for a while now, but I can never pick just the top 5 of my favorites of any category, I couldnt decide lol. So without further ado ( in no particular order) here are 5 Disney shows that I miss:

The Famous Jett Jackson


As an aspiring actress, seeinh what the behind the scenes of a TV show was so fun, plus I always loved the idea of being a secret agent 😉

Even Stevens


Ahh, the good old days where Beans loved bacon, and  Shia LaBeouf had a fro

Lizze McGuire


Being a preteen girl, Lizze McGuire was my go to guide about the unknown world of highschool.  (Now I always see my inner voice as a mini cartoon version of myself 😉 )

Muppets Tonight


A kids version of SNL with the muppets… What’s not to love?

Smart Guy


I always would feel a little bit smarter after watching this show lol

What’s a Disney show that you miss? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you real soon 🙂


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